gil (gilkurtis) wrote in oc_iconwars,

and the winner is...and HIATUS!

First place:

by gilkurtis

As you all have probably noticed participation in this community has fallen significantly over the past month or so. Also, my co-moderator has been MIA since April (which is really worrying me, she hasn't even updated her personal lj in months. where is she?! is she ok?! *bites nails*). So do I shut down the community? Do I continue on as is? Or do I put the community on an indefinite hiatus? I'm gonna go with the last option until I hear different from pottermaniagurl.

But first let me mention a icontest community that is just starting out and needs members: theater_stills. The moderator describes it as: a new icontest. Every week a new movie comes out. Your job is to make an icon of the movie. I am a movie freak so this is a big deal and i'm quite glad =]

Oh, if I owe anyone a banner for past challenges speak now or forever hold your peace!

Now it's official, we're on HIATUS!
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